For the World Cup final, the Tour de France and the French national holiday, France mobilized a large contingent of police.

2018 in Russia.

»Friday, July 13, 2018«

French police are very busy

For the World Cup final, the Tour de France and the French national holiday, France mobilized a large contingent of police. 110,000 police officers are to secure the July 14 celebrations, the cycle race, World Cup broadcasts and possible victory celebrations over the weekend, as Interior Minister Gerard Collomb announced on Friday. The French team will face Croatia in the final of the soccer World Cup in Russia on Sunday. Up to 90,000 fans can watch the game in Paris on the big screens next to the Eiffel Tower, and public viewing is planned in many other cities.

Robben surprised by the early departure of the Germans

The preliminary round from the German national soccer team surprised Bayern player Arjen Robben during the holidays. “I was on vacation for three weeks. I completely switched off, followed nothing, saw nothing, looked at anything. When I was back in Germany, I watched television again – unfortunately I didn’t see the Germans because of that,” said the 34- Yearlings. “I got a text message on vacation from a friend who wrote: You will see your German colleagues again quickly. Then I thought, that can hardly be true, and I checked it out or my wife. They were out. Nobody expected that. I think a lot went wrong there. “

Austrians keep their fingers crossed for Croatia

Croatia can look forward to great support in Austria: According to a survey of 506 people in Austria by “Kreutzer Fischer Partners “in this country 55 percent will keep their fingers crossed for Croatia, 24 percent are excited for France and 21 percent have no preference.

Will Smith “close to being neutral”

The American superstar Will Smith does not want to commit to a favorite for the final of the World Cup. “I’m pretty close to being neutral at the moment,” said the singer and actor (“Men in Black”) in Moscow on Friday. He also cheered for Sweden during the World Cup, but now he doesn’t want to give any more tips, said Smith. At the closing ceremony on Sunday he will present the official FIFA World Cup anthem “Live It Up” in front of more than 80,000 people in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium with Nicky Jam and the singer Era Istrefi. Smith was also a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo: “I love this guy. He has perfect taste and style.”

France invokes good omens

France conjures up the good omens. The sports newspaper “L’Equipe” lists nine “proofs” of France against Croatia before the World Cup final on Sunday in Moscow as to why the Equipe tricolore will now also win the title in Russia 20 years after their home triumph. The whole thing seems very far-fetched in part: The paper reminded us that in 1998, like this year, a German Formula 1 driver won the British Grand Prix. At the time it was Michael Schumacher, last Sunday it was Sebastian Vettel – both won in a Ferrari.

Mbappe thinks Finalreferee doesn’t like him

The Frenchman Kylian Mbappe is not looking forward to meeting referee Nestor Pitana, who will whistle for the final against Croatia on Sunday. “He never stopped talking to me during the whole match,” said Mbappe after beating Uruguay 2-0 in the quarter-finals. “I told him, ‘Stop that.’ I think he had something against me. ” In his previous four appearances during the tournament, Pitana knew how to convince, on the internet the 42-year-old is celebrated by fans for his sweeping gestures and expressive facial expressions.


Lothar Matthäus knows why Croatia is in the final

The German record team player Lothar Matthäus attributes the success of the Croatians to the history of the country. “I worked in the Balkans. That’s why I know which factor has to be taken into account for the abundance of good players, not only in football, but also in other ball sports: free spirits are given more space,” wrote the former coach of Partizan Belgrade in a column for the international services of the German Press Agency. “The Croatians show how it is: They let their children play. They are allowed to dribble, shoot on goal, be cheeky and creative and don’t have to submit to so many system requirements. They learn to assert themselves on the street.”

Gareth “threatens” to become a popular name

As is well known, you can bet on (almost) everything in England. Coach Gareth Southgate’s soaring popularity is evident here too. For example, the odds that Gareth will be the most popular name for newborn boys next year (right behind Harry) has fallen to 6: 1. If you bet on March – nine months after the World Cup – as the month with the highest number of births, you will get only 6 pounds for a stake of 4 pounds.

Final Nike versus Nike

Adidas had entered the World Cup as the supplier of 12 of the 32 national teams and had left Nike (10) behind. In the final between France and Croatia, however, it is now Nike against Nike, and for the first time in history.

Not everyone in England wept

Not everyone in England cried on Wednesday evening after the elimination of the “Three Lions” in the World Cup semi-final against Croatia. The many betting providers would have had to pay out more money than ever before if England had become world champions. Since the team had not been trusted before the tournament, the odds were historically high. Still, many optimistic fans bet on a world title. According to the newspaper “The Times”, almost 172 million euros would have been due in the case. Thanks to a world champion in France or Croatia, it is already clear that the World Cup will be good business for betting providers.

»Wednesday, July 11, 2018«

Zinedine Zidane congratulates his heirs

A photo from a bird’s eye view and three clapping hands next to the tricolor: France legend Zinedine Zidane has congratulated his football heirs via Instagram on making it to the World Cup final. The 46-year-old won the world championship title with the team twenty years ago and reached the final in Germany in 2006. In that Zidane made an unworthy derailment with a headbutt against Italy’s Marco Materazzi and was sent off. France then lost on penalties.

French sounds in the Brussels metro

Anyone who is a Belgian football fan and who is dependent on public transport to get to work was punished twice on Wednesday: Because of a lost bet with their Paris colleagues, the Brussels transport company had to play the French football anthem “Tous Ensemble” between 8 and 10 a.m. by French rock singer Johnny Hallyday on the Brussels Metro. Small consolation: Hallyday’s father was at least Belgian.

“You have to play like I did” ”

England’s ex-team player Paul Gascoigne has an unusual tip for his successors ahead of the World Cup semi-final against Croatia on Wednesday evening. “You have to play like I did,” the 51-year-old told the Daily Mirror: “Just play for the audience, for the fans. My message is: just play as if you were ten years old.” The deeply fallen Gascoigne, who repeatedly hit the headlines for alcohol antics, will, like some other players of the 1990 team, watch the game in Moscow on Wednesday in the stadium.

Be careful with alcohol!

Before England’s World Cup semi-final against Croatia on Wednesday evening, the owners of a hospital chain in London expressed concern about excessive alcohol consumption by many fans and therefore issued an unusual appeal. “If you watch #ENGCRO tonight, please eat something before you drink, don’t overdo it, check on your friends and plan your way home,” wrote the company “Barts Health NHS Trust”, the five hospitals in the English capital operates on Twitter. The reason for the explicit call are apparently bad experiences after the quarter-finals against Sweden on Saturday. The hospitals were very full and several employees were attacked, the company said.

Top rate

The semi-finals France – Belgium brought the ORF a top rate on Tuesday evening. 1.237 million TV viewers were there in the first half on ORF one, after the break 1.460 million followed the game. The second half provided the highest number of ORF viewers at this World Cup to date.

Prince Harry firmly believes in a victory for England

Prince Harry firmly believes in a World Cup success for England. When asked whether football would return home, the Queen’s grandson answered “definitely” during a visit to Dublin. Harry’s brother Prince William is the President of the English Football Association. England is considered the motherland of football.

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Netanyahu watches the semi-finals live

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to watch the semi-finals between England and Croatia in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. He is accompanied by his wife Sara and two children with cancer, one of whom is from Russia. “It is very moving that we can make a dream come true for them,” said Netanyahu, according to his office on Wednesday. When asked who will win the match, Netanyahu said, “The better ones”. Netanyahu has been playing football himself since he was a teenager. In 2012 he was injured in a friendly game and had to wear a cast for several weeks.

Exhibition of World Cup relics

There is an exhibition with relics from soccer world championships in a Moscow car dealership. There is also a piece of football history that Austrian fans fondly remember: Israeli referee Abraham Klein made his yellow card available for the 1978 World Cup when the “Miracle of Cordoba” happened and Austria defeated Germany with 3 : 2 prevailed. The names of all players are carefully handwritten on the card. There is a.o. also a typewriter by Vittorio Pozzo, Italian world champion coach from 1934 and 1938, on which, according to FIFA, he wrote an article for “La Stampa” after winning the first title.

Bavaria has always been in the final since 1982

Midfielder Corentin Tolisso has extended an impressive series for Bayern Munich by reaching the final with France. Since 1982, the German record champions have always had at least one player in the final at every World Cup. In 1982, 1986, 1990, 2002 and 2014 the German team with Munich players made it to the final. In the other cases, the Bayern pros in the final were Jorginho (1994 with Brazil), Bixente Lizarazu (1998 with France), Willy Sagnol (2006 with France) and Arjen Robben (2010 with the Netherlands). The second longest streak is held by Real Madrid, which has always had at least one player in the World Cup final since 1998.

During Austria’s EU presidency, France was always in the final

There is a parallel between French participation in the soccer World Cup final and the EU presidency of Austria: France is in the World Cup final for the third time in 2018 after 1998 and 2006 – and in all of these years Austria has presided over the Council. In 1998 it ended with a 3-0 win over Brazil for Les Bleus, and in 2006 the French lost to Italy on penalties in the final. If this series continues with Austria and France, the French would have to wait a long time for a final.

Football fans injured in Nice

27 football fans were injured in the crowd in Nice when fireworks were fired shortly before the final whistle of the semi-final between France and Belgium (1-0) and caused a panic. The injuries amount to cuts from broken glass and bruises. The panic reaction to the crackling noises shows that the terrorist attack two years ago left clear marks. A man drove a truck into a crowd on the French National Day in Nice in 2016, killing 86 people.

»Tuesday, July 10, 2018«

Ivanisevic taunts England

Former Croatian tennis professional Goran Ivanisevic is hoping that Croatia will prevail in the semi-finals of the World Cup against England on Wednesday. “I hope we don’t lose against the English,” said the 2001 Wimbledon winner to the BBC and then did not blaspheme seriously: “You have already won the trophy, you are so arrogant, you are the best and the most beautiful.” Then the 46-year-old joked, referring to the English soccer song “Football’s Coming Home”: “Of course you will come home, but I hope without a trophy.” Ivanisevic, who is the coach of Canadian Milos Raonic at Wimbledon, announced that he would watch the game in a pub with English fans. “Hopefully I’ll be the last to laugh,” he said.

North Koreans have only seen World Cup television images since the knockout round

North Koreans have only seen World Cup television images since the knockout round. Argentina – France was shown as the first game according to the “North Korea Tech” website – 24 hours late. The games are shown without showing the playing time. Parts of the game would also be cut out. From Brazil – Belgium less than 70 minutes could be seen. Japan – Belgium was totally ignored.

Djokovic support of Croatia criticized at home

Wimbledon quarter-finalist Novak Djokovic supports the Croatian team after Serbia’s elimination. “I would like to see you win the trophy,” the Serbian tennis star was quoted as saying in national media. Vladimir Djukanovic from the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) did not understand this. “Only idiots can support Croatia. Novak, be ashamed,” tweeted the politician.

There is a lot of excitement at the UN headquarters

Football fever can be felt at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Diplomats and employees wear jerseys and cheer on their teams in front of the screens. The more the World Cup picks up speed, the more often colorful jerseys mix with gray, blue and black suits. During the opening ceremony, the 15 ambassadors of the Security Council wore the jerseys of their countries – countries not represented at the World Cup also took part. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General and Ex-Prime Minister of Portugal, indicated his diplomatic neutrality with a referee outfit.

Caleta-Car contribution of the ÖFB-Liga in the semifinals

For the first time since Austria’s third place at the 1954 World Cup, a player employed in the Austrian league is represented in a World Cup semi-final. Salzburg defender Duje Caleta-Car made his World Cup debut in Croatia’s third group game against Iceland (2-1). In the other four games, the 21-year-old was on the bench.